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July 04 2017

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Upcoming new viktuuri charms~!

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New species of dinosaur discovered from Furassic Era (Source: http://ift.tt/2ufgQPX)

Reposted bySanthe Santhe
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the second radish is 29 feet away

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Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Directed by James Gunn

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keith mom

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Art by oksopi12 

  • Express authorization to share this artwork has been given by the artist. Please support the artist’s works and do not upload their art on any website without the artist’s written consent. Please do not remove the credits.
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July 03 2017




Fun Vampire Fact; the reason that Vampires traditionally cannot see their reflections in a mirror is because mirrors used to be backed with a reflective layer of silver — which, as the metal of purity, would not ‘interact’ with Vampires, who are the Devil’s work.

However, modern mirrors have used aluminum as their reflective backing for many years now — and aluminum is not a ‘picky’ metal at all. So Vampires are able to see their reflections in modern mirrors.

All I can think about is a vampire used to not seeing their reflection in mirrors for centuries, and one day they are just walking along and unknowingly pass a mirror backed with aluminum and THEY NEARLY SHIT THEMSELVES.

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Game of Thrones cast | photographed by Miles Aldridge for TIME, July 2017.

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I reblogged this once and found $999 on the floor.

Reblog the Money Susie and you’ll have money coming your way too 💵💵

Holy shit I just won the lottery this really works

How do you find $999 on the floor?

I Reblogged The Money Susie Thats How .

i didnt really believe in things like these but when i saw it on my dash i thought, well, why not, ive really been needing money for the new game i want to buy anyway. and i hit reblog. the next day my mom gave me $100 in CASH and when i asked her why she said that she just felt like increasing my allowance!!i dont know if shes going to keep on giving me $100 allowance so im reblogging again just to make sure

Fuck it

Does it work?!!! Or is it a fraud?!

Those Who Question The Money Susie Will Suffer 500 Million Years Of Debt

The real question is why the heck she stuffed money up her nose do you hAVE ANY IDEA WHERE THAT’S BEEN?


Wtf why does this work???

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my hobby is redrawing animal photos as damen/laurent

original tweet

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Lucky double backflip

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I think Makoto is a ticklish person lol XD

so I just want to draw when he feel tickle while being hug by Sousuke

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all 22 countries where nationwide same-sex marriage is legalised. #LoveWins

update 30.6.2017: Germany legalises same-sex marriage, coming into effect later in 2017.

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16.06 happy birthday 2.5D invisible girl!

Boku no Hero Academia  / Hagakure Tooru 

model:  れいかん

produce (costume, direction, photo): MEIN

※No re-posts or use of my photographs without prior written permission.

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For those of you unaware, there was a time in which Umbra also had a human form back in early days of development. He was a ninja type of character very similar to those in Kingsglaive.


In the final game both Noctis and Luna were only able to communicate through notebook messages. Tabata once stated that only citizens of Insomnia used cell phones. He also thought the journal was more romantic.

As you can see in the photo above Noctis and Stella were able to communicate using cell phones with no problem.


When you look at this storyboard image of the confrontation between Ravus and Noctis it might look familiar as that scene can be found back in the old Versus XIII trailers. When Noctis and the party confronts Ravus in the final game, however, it is quite different.


You may remember seeing this man in the announcement trailer for Final Fantasy XV when leaders of Lucis and Niflheim come together to talk terms of peace, only to end with guns and swords drawn. Often nicknamed the “Niflheim prince” within the fandom as many assumed he was of great importance considering he was seen standing right beside the Niflheim Emperor during negotiations and had a prominent design. In truth, we don’t know much about this character or whether he was just some high ranking general or was of any royal status. Looks like we will never know.


In the art above, Stella wears several different styles of clothing in various colors, as opposed to Luna who wore just a couple of simple white dresses throughout the final game.

Gentiana also sported a different outfit as well. Notice how Gentiana and Ravus are opposites of each other: Gentiana wore a black outfit with a white armored sleeve on her left arm, while Ravus wore a white outfit with a black armored sleeve on his left arm.


While it is not confirmed, it would appear the art on the left an early depiction of Dino.


It looked as though Verstael was going to make an appearance in the Leviathan battle along with some ninja-like characters judging by storyboard art. Verstael is also seen interacting with an unknown character on the top left picture. Seemed like he once had a larger role in the main story.

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