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March 07 2017

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i feel like crying!! no wait i’m ok!! oh my god i’m so in love!! wow i’m ugly and gross and probably the worst!! wait!! i’m ok again!! time to cut all my hair off!! time to cry again whoops haha!!!!


yuuri: you don’t have to pay coaching fees if your coach is your fiancé

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Little Thunder aka 門小雷 (Hong Konger, b. Fortress Hill, Hong Kong) - 1: TRI-I  2: TRI-II  Drawings

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art by R.

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i dont know what this is but i relate











It doesn’t matter how inexperienced or unprepared you think you are, if suicide squad can win an oscar, you can get that job you’re applying for.

This is kind of disrespectful towards the makeup artists. They worked hard and their talents were recognized. It’s not about Joker’s green hair. It’s about the tattoo work on El Diablo and Enchantress. It’s about the makeup for Killer Croc.  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje had to spend hours in a makeup chair every day to be turned into Killer Croc. 

This was not cgi. The makeup artists spent hours and multiple days applying and re-applying this makeup. It’s impressive how they made the makeup able to move in a way that Adewale could still emote and create facial expressions, even with all that makeup. It was all planned. Suicide Squad didn’t win in script writing it won in hair and makeup which they did work hard and prepare for. Honestly, y’all are acting like children with this bandwagon hate. 

Yeah it’s great but star trek had like 50 aliens with that kind of make up and Lost the oscar


*Killer croc wasn’t makeup. It was a full silicone mask, and was executed so terribly that the actor was unable to move his face or speak properly, which was one of the reasons pretty much every one of his scenes was cut.

*Enchantress was almost cgi, nothing ground breaking about her apart from a bit of dirt makeup

*Diablo wasn’t bloody hand painted. It was damn temporary tattoos that they print out then just apply every day

*Whether or not you personally liked it, harley and joker’s makeup looks were completely lazy, unoriginal, and possibly the most universally hated designs in film history

*joel harlow and his team at star trek beyond created incredible works of art. They designed over 56 UNIQUE alien species. Meticulously, intricately, and beautifully crafted and applied.

*Practicality was a main focus point when they were designing these creatures - they did many tests to make sure the actors could move comfortably and still express themselves through heavy prosthetics, so that it looks real. The same time and thought was NOT put into killer croc. They slapped a mask on him and said done.

“Each of those designs presented its own set of challenges,” said Harlow, “be it translucency, weight, durability, movement, density, the color schemes, contact lenses, dentures, whatever it was. They all had their own challenges that we needed to rise to to execute them. We ended up using, essentially, everything that we had ever used on any film for Star Trek Beyond.”

*Lead technician and prosthetic artist Lenny MacDonald even /developed new groundbreaking makeup products/ in order to achieve the look they wanted. They used iridescent pigments used in printing currency to use on some characters so they could create an otherworldly look.

*Idris Elba’s character had fibre optics embedded into the prosthetics so they could create beautiful and different light effects.

*They also developed new products that could last all day on set, that had never been seen in hollywood before.

*Star Trek Beyond’s makeup effects were stunning feats that produced work and effects that have never before been seen in hollywood.

*The people who vote for the winners of the academy awards are not experts in the subject categories. Film critics and actors vote for who has the best makeup. They /don’t even have to have seen the films they are voting for/

*One of the ladies who voted for the makeup category said in an interview that she didn’t even get to see the entirety of Star Trek Beyond, and that the official oscars screener copy she had, cut out halfway through and this was never fixed.

*The PRODUCER OF SUICIDE SQUAD was one of the people who got to vote for the film to win the award.

So we have people who know fuck all about makeup voting for the makeup award, who don’t even have to have watched what they’re voting for. The makeup in suicide squad was lazy, unoriginal, and poorly executed. It is insulting to artists like Joel Harlow and Richard Alonzo and the rest of the incredible artistic team behind Star Trek Beyond’s unprecedented, innovative, and frankly stunning makeup, to give this award to suicide squad. And much more to say that it was deserved. It was not.


So Kerry took the liberty of adding my massive facebook rant from yesterday to this tumblr post^^ (*bows* tbh) and I thought I would add to it by adding some images of the incredible makeup work from Star Trek Beyond.

Just adding my 2 cents as someone who’s certified in makeup artistry, makes and applies their own prosthetics to people, I was very shocked and broken hearted that suicide squad won an oscar for their sloppy work.
Not only was I super unimpressed in theatres with the movie when I saw it, I was even more unhappy leaving the theatre when I saw, what could have been, really fucking good.
Blah blah blah
Basically Suiscide squad featured makeup of a lazy, and unimaginative artist who slapped it all together.
I’ve worked in theatre companies (that didn’t pay a lot but that’s not the point) that would never be okay with makeup executed so poorly.

I would hope that this film is what inspires artists to do better.

@capacity the other side of the bitter debate

This tea is so strong


Damn, thank you to this post, I was scrolling past so many posts last night desperately wanting to respond and this is the best rebuttal I’ve seen.

March 06 2017

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That desperate moment.

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bonus: Kubo’s drawing:

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headcanon: victor’s totally dedicated to writing their wedding vows (he’s spent weeks over it) lmao

bonus: victor actually brings out 50 pages of his vows at the wedding lmao 

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I need to put Gladdy in a tank in the game and do 360 photos of that blasted tattoo.

Finding refs isnt easy…artistic license was used.

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Made it to 10 Boober comics!

Have a big post of kitties. I think I’ll be making a little book when I make some more!

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people in period clothing doing modern things is my aesthetic

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Back hugs ft. the clingiest man to ever exist

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